Putting the students at the centre of their learning

What Do We Do?

EuropeShire is a School Camp Project

School Camp Project

EuropeShire is an independent school camp project. During one week your group of students will be able to improve their English while meeting with other youngsters from Europe. The project is didactic and fun. It is a mix between conversation workshops led by English native speakers on various topics, sports activities, games or even arts & crafts. Participants will have the opportunity to interact in English during their entire stay. They will be sharing their rooms with different nationalities which will encourage them to open up and bond.

It Has Been Proven That Learning A Language Is Faster When Put Into Context.

At EuropeShire your students will learn by practicing. They will be put at the center of their learning. The project is tailored so that your students will have many opportunities to speak English with other students during their stay with us! This school camp is available for students from the age of 14 to 17 years old who have reached at least an A2 level according to the European Common Language Framework. We will do our best to match the same age group together, although this depends on the week you will register for. We accept groups of any size as long as students from bigger groups understand that the objective of the project is to mix and communicate with others!

Students at EuropeShire

Where Do We Do It?

EuropeShire will take place in a youth hostel in The Netherlands.
The hostel is situated in the countryside just outside of the city of Eindhoven about 2h away from Amsterdam.

When Do We Do It?

EuropeShire runs from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon.
For the coming year EuropeShire will run different programs:

September 2020 EXTRA WEEKS
EuropeShire (4 days workshops + 1 day visit to AMSTERDAM) for students between 14 and 17 years old

October 2020
MINI-EuropeShire (3 days workshops +2 days visits) for students of 13/14 years old

February/ March 2021:
MINI-EuropeShire (3 days workshops +2 days visits) for students of 13/14 years old

February to May 2021:
EuropeShire (4 days workshops + 1 day visit to AMSTERDAM ) for students between 14 and 17 years old

Mini EuropeShire

Students who are 13/14 years old
3 days of school camp + optional 2 days visit
Sunday 3rd October to Wednesday 6th October (+ 2 days visit optional)

Deadline for Registration 1st JULY 2020

February/ March 2021 date to be confirmed


week 1 Sunday 21st to Friday 26th February 2021
week 2 Sunday 28th February to Friday 5th March 2021
week 3 Sunday 7th to Friday 12th March 2021
week 4 Sunday 14th to Friday 19th March 2021
week 5 Sunday 21st to Friday 26th March 2021
week 6 Sunday 28th March to Friday 3rd April 2021
week 7 Sunday 4th to Friday 9th April 2021
week 8 Sunday 11th to Friday 16th April 2021
week 9 Sunday 18th to Friday 23rd April 2021
week 10 Sunday 25th to Friday 30th April 2021
week 11 Sunday 2nd to Friday 7th May 2021
week 12 Sunday 9th to Friday 14th May 2021

Register now to join us!

All you have to do is to complete the application form so that we can contact you back!

How Do We Do It?

A completely new way to learn.

Students at EuropeShire
EuropeShire School Camp Project Aims At Improving Language Skills As Well As Communication

EuropeShire school camp project aims at improving language skills as well as communication, problem-solving and critical thinking ones. Our main goal is to create an environment where students cross language barriers. As a teacher you probably know how important it is to use English outside of the classroom.

For all these reasons we have tailored a program that encompasses conversation workshops, content workshops, sport activities and many others.

During the English activities in the morning, your students will be mixed with other students from different countries in groups of 10.

In the afternoons students are free to join any activity however, it is important to keep a fair mix of “same school” students in each activity in order to increase the opportunity of speaking English.

Each week there will be native speakers (staff) who will lead most activities. Teachers will also be leading some activities as it important for the students to see that their teachers are taking part in the project with them. When the teachers are breaking boundaries they set the tone for the students and encourage them to do the same.

How Much Does It Cost?

As the project is not funded by any European organisation,
participants are required to contribute financially to the the camp.


Included in this price

5 nights in HarbaLorifa or DeBuitenJan youth hostel (The youth hostel is rented exclusively for EuropeShire project)
Full boarding ( breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner)
Language /content workshops with native speakers
Activities material, facilities and settings
Boarding of teachers (max.2)

Not included in this price

Transport to and from the hotel
Visit to Amsterdam
Insurance for participants and teachers
towels, shower gel, hair dryers

!!!Prices of Mini and Macro Europeshire are different, please contact us for more details.

Who Are We?

Meital Da Silva

About the team

Europeshire is a private project not connected nor funded by any European program.
The project was launched by a high school teacher. Previously involved in many exchange programs such as Comenius, Erasmus, English Exchange in England, private school exchange and many other sporadic projects one came to realized that all these programs were missing the “human” EXCHANGE factor.

Often during those programs students were busy assisting passively to some lessons or sightseeing. Frustrated by the lack of EXCHANGE among students as well as by the little improvement of the target language it was time to set up a DIFFERENT project.

EuropeShire appeared as evidence. The project will host students from different horizons whom will have to communicate in the target language at all time. Teens talking to teens.

EuropeShire was thought by teachers tired of working overtime preparing exchange programs under a strict school frame, rules and regulations. This is a project where teachers only need to register their students and the rest is taken care of. Reducing the bureaucracy of European projects and putting the students back at the center of these ventures.

As a dynamic teacher you probably know how exhausting it is to deal with your international partners, heads of schools, European bodies, students, parents etc. Not mentioning thinking of activities and booking visits.

In the background of EuropeShire, there are teachers whose objective is to inspire students and to give them a real opportunity to connect with their peers in real life. No computers to hide behind, it is about time our youth learn how to communicate better and in English!

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